This is the brand new website for SharBaby based out of Birmingham, Alabama. All the information you need to know will be noted in detail in this area. Be sure to check back frequently for updates and new information on SharBaby's Official Website !

Shar first got interested in music at the age of 6 years old. She was in a couple of talent shows in elementary school. At age 11 years old Shar learned to play the guitar. She was greatly inspired by Hubert Sumlin and the Beatles. Her Dad sung gospel back in the 1950's. His group, the Lambs Quartet, opened for Sam Cooke & the Soul Stirrers, The Dixie Humming Birds and the Alabama Blind Boys etc. Shar has shared the stage with The Late Great Willie King, Oteil Burridge, Sam Lay, Denise LaSalle, T-Model Ford, Honey Boy Edwards, to name a few. Shar has played in Festivals here in the U.S. In April of 2009, she played the Coin Blues Fest in Malaga, Spain. Shar is on radio stations here in th U.S. and also in Europe. Shar have a new CD out called "Chicago Blues Alabama Style" with the Rhythm Blues Band backing her. She also plays in the Black Belt Roots Blues Festival in Eutaw, Alabama. Shar is involved with the Alabama Blues Project, teaching beginner's guitar and with the Blues in the Schools Programs. She is a member of the Alabama Blues Women of Alabama. Shar has been playing and singing for 44 years and enjoys every bit of it.


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